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Yesterday, at Search Engine Land, I reported that Google Adds Local Reviews In Search Results. In reality, they were there in the past, but Google made them bigger and added reviews. When I reported it yesterday, I noted that pizza 10010 returned three local results with reviews. Now when I search for the same thing, I get the same three results, but no reviews.

Here is a side by side:

Google Local Reviews in Search Results Google Local - No Reviews

The image on the left was a screen capture from yesterday, notice the stars, showing the reviews. The image on the right is from just now, no stars, no reviews. I wonder why it is not returning reviews now.

In any event, this is important, because (1) it takes up a huge amount of screen real estate, (2) there can be user reviews on your listing. So you want to make sure you are in Google Local and that you have good reviews. More tips on that here.

I also covered the other engines and how they handle local searches at their main search engine. But Gary Price also has a good review of other local search services.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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01/31/2007 02:47 pm

After reading your post, I checked to see if our local business had any reviews. No reviews, but I did notice that when you click on "more info" and then choose the "web pages" tab, Google will actually show links related to my website that they don't show if I were to type in I tried it with about 10 of our clients and I could see at least some of the back-links that Google had in the index for all of our clients but one. This could be a handy way to at least get some idea of what pages Google relates to our sites when the link: search comes up with only a few results.


01/31/2007 07:53 pm

Barry- You have any idea on how to optimize for the one box result? I would love to get spot A B or C.

Barry Schwartz

01/31/2007 08:02 pm

Some tips can be found at: etc....


01/31/2007 08:58 pm

Thank you for the info Barry!

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