Continued Reports of Page Submission Tool Problems

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A WebmasterWorld thread has continued discussion over the past week or so, of the Microsoft page submission tool being broken.

Microsoft has numerous page submission pages depending on the geolocation of your site. There are various reports of the page bugging out on users.

I have tried the US page and it seems to work fine for me.

But after continued discussion, it is clear that the page is not working for some users.

It can be specific issues with certain browsers or security settings, I am not sure.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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01/29/2007 04:03 pm

I really don't mean for this to be spam, but go to and paste URL removed... It throws a nasty xml parsing error. Now if you paste in that URL and remove just the "." in the index.php it works. I call this another bug!


01/29/2007 04:10 pm

Now change the .php to .aspx. Does microsoft not like php or what?

Michael Martinez

01/29/2007 05:39 pm

What does your spammy URL have to do with the topic of this post, which is concerned about's page submission tool reportedly returning errors?


02/07/2007 06:15 pm

Hello, do you know if has some page where you can send them a report about a site with spam? I mean a page where is a hidden text and a lot of the same words one by one. I did not find it in The search engine shows results and you get sites you should not see because of a lot of spam on them...


09/29/2011 12:00 pm

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