Google Images Undergoes Redesign

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It appears Google Images has changed their design and some of the usability of the pages. Now if you do a search at Google Images, such as on pineapple, you no longer see the image source details, including url source, and size of image in kb and height and width off the bat. The only way to see these details is to mouse over the images, and then Google will show it to you. Here is a screen shot of my mouse over the middle image:


For a before and after, check out Google Blogoscoped.

As you can image, some folks are not happy about Google removing these details from initial display. I personally like how it is cleaner...

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Chris M

01/24/2007 02:17 pm

Ye Gods! This is absolutely seductive. I think I might devote a chunk of my day trying to think of images that will look extra nifty when I hover on them.

Chris Beasley

01/24/2007 03:04 pm

I think it is a step backwards in usability. I was literally using image search at the moment of the change yesterday, and instantly got annoyed by that lack of information.

Henry C.

01/24/2007 05:04 pm

I really like the cleaner look. I found myself focusing more on the images than the underlying text. I also like how the image gets accented when hovered over. Much more snazzy and hip. Cool change.

Diseño de paginas web

01/24/2007 06:35 pm

I dont like this change


01/25/2007 01:26 am

Oh no...why???!!?!

Jonathan P

01/25/2007 07:36 am

Although the results page looks cleaner, the lost functionality of being able to use the size and location info to quickly sort the wheat from the chaff is greatly missed.

SearcH EngineS WeB

01/25/2007 09:47 am

AltaVista has had this layout for YEARS - they even have the Advanced Search Options on the default page... Check it out!!


01/26/2007 06:19 pm

I was also using the image search when it changed. I was instantly annoyed as I always use the extra info and like to have it at a glance. It may look cleaner, but it totally useless. If they don't revert to how it was soon, I will have to find another search engine for image searches.

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