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I have been meaning to create a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) specifically to search the forums that we report on here for a while. I had 5 minutes and that is all it took. You can visit the the Search Engine Roundtable Google Custom Search Engine and conduct a search. It should bring back results from the following forums:

You can see a search in action by searching on minus 30, where I wanted to find all threads discussing the Minus 30 Penalty (also discussed here).

So give our Search Engine Roundtable Google Custom Search Engine a try and let us know what you think.

Search Here:

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

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Michael Martinez

01/23/2007 06:50 pm

Very nice tool and long overdue, in my opinion. I created a much broader SEO Discussion Search tool at but your tool will make it easier for people to find old discussions you have documented. I hope you add it to your permanent navigation (a folder tab would be great, in my opinion).

Barry Schwartz

01/23/2007 07:12 pm

Added to "The Forums" section and also it is rebuilding the site to add to the top nav, upper text links, near "submit a thread." Thanks Michael! Chris Boggs gets credit for pushing me to do this! I am honestly surprised how nice the results are. If you want me to add a forum, please let me know.


01/23/2007 08:26 pm

Yyou can get a great ad free search engine with a better layout, tag clouds, automatic query learning/refinement, and full customization. Add free is key for me.

Barry Schwartz

01/23/2007 08:33 pm

CVOS, Ill Give that a try also...

Barry Schwartz

01/23/2007 09:05 pm

OK, I tried that CVOS and it really didnt work to well. I want to say look at only these sites but it doesnt allow for that, as an only.

Olivier Duffez

01/24/2007 03:17 pm

Hi Barry, Is your SE restricted to english forums? If you want to add foreign languages forums, feel free to add my french forums WebRankInfo (+630,000 posts). By the way, I've just published my new custom search engine at This SE searchs only on the Google official blogs (46 at this time). Olivier


11/08/2007 05:35 am

Hi, i heard about GCS. It’s quite interesting. i feel that GCS is a ocean and i know a drop in that.. can you tell me what exactly GCS do.., and how can we get profited using GCS..? what are the objectives in GCS..? please please help me out… i really need your help!!!

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