Google Treating Wikipeda Too Well?

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A WebmasterWorld thread discusses how Google may be treating Wikipedia a bit too well. We all have seen it, search on anything generic and you are likely to find a Wikipedia result at the top.

Here are some random examples as I write this entry:

Chris wrote about this with The Rise of Wikipedia = The Fall of DMOZ? in July 2006.

I thought I give you a fresh thread to chew on at WebmasterWorld. Yes, Google used to treat DMOZ a bit too well in the past.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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01/23/2007 02:36 pm

if you use quantcast to check, you would find the trafic of google from wikipedia, that's reason

Chris Boggs

01/23/2007 04:16 pm

hehe MM is sure to be in here soon to flame wikipedia. :p

Michael Martinez

01/23/2007 04:43 pm

Google doesn't treat Wikipedia any better than other sites. It's not that hard to outrank Wikipedia. No "Wikiflames" were posted, but you know how badly I wanted to....


01/24/2007 03:00 am

Yea i agree with that. Most of my targeted keywords also return results from wikipedia!

SearcH EngineS WeB

01/24/2007 04:23 am

Also Yahoo is showing a bias towards wikipedia look at how they zoomed up to #1 for Search Engine Optimization and the same thing for SEO which is a redirect

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