Yahoo! Indexing & Crawling Google AdWords Links?

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A WebmasterWorld post shows two respected members reporting that they have seen Google AdWords URLs within the Yahoo! Search index.

vicyankees says:

Is anyone else noticing that Yahoo is picking up Google Adwords links? I only know because i append all of my Google and other PPC links with a src=#*$!X and my tracking software also appends similar information.

WebmasterWorld moderator, bill, confirms this saying:

I just noticed this as well. I hadn't checked my Yahoo SERPs in a while and just noticed that they indexed several of my AdWords pages. What's up with that? I guess the first question would be, 'how do we get them to stop it?' Do I have to change all of my AdWords tracking codes?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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01/19/2007 12:52 pm

Its happening with more than just Adwords, I can see affiliate ID's in the index aswell.


01/19/2007 01:53 pm

Just set a tracking cookie and 301 to the correct page.

Chris Beasley

01/19/2007 03:25 pm

On a related issue, I've had Google register as backlinks URLs resulting through Searchfeed's advertising.


01/20/2007 04:31 am

I have the permanent cookie through my analytics (Omniture) and i set a 20 year out cookie as well for the domain. but they and most other analytics require that you still flag incoming traffic with an src=#*$!X - the whole point is using these in non-indexable scenarios such as PPC and email marketing efforts where spiders shouldn't be. It'd be even worse if we were getting charged the clicks for Slurp.

David Eaves

01/20/2007 05:30 pm

Check this out one of my clients sites has got 2 .edu links off Google Adsense:


01/22/2007 09:50 am

So new seo tactic, Site target .edu domains and let Yahoo index!.


01/22/2007 07:38 pm

This is very true. I just got done with a discussion on it in Google webmaster discussion forum. The other thing that we were discussing is that Yahoo ignores 'nofollow' attributes and counts those links. The adwords has me puzzled, though. No one in the last discussion could explain how they can see links which are in JavaScript and don't show in the html source. -tim


02/28/2007 05:02 am

The Yahoo people have addressed this now in a recent blog post: Add this to your robots.txt: User-Agent: Yahoo! Slurp Disallow: /*source=AdWords or whatever your tracking URL might be...


03/03/2007 08:51 am

Yes we have noticed it too! With our Property search engine/find a local expert website. Must say that Yahoo is far much beter search engine then google!

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