Google Toolbar PageRank Update Being Reported

Jan 9, 2007 • 9:35 am | comments (7) by twitter | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

It appears that there is a Google Toolbar PageRank update underway. For anyone not familiar with this topic, the value of the toolbar-displayed PageRank is often argued. A recent discussion which helps to clear up the original poster's misconceptions about PageRank can be found at Cre8asite Forums. Note that the first post per consensus is not considered to be accurate.

WebmasterWorld Forums has been reporting since last week that a Google toolbar PageRank update is underway. The thread has been updated as of today with more adamant proof that people are seeing more or less green in their PageRank diets. The topic was also started at Search Engine Roundtable Forums today, and feel free to link to further discussions in the comments below.

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01/09/2007 08:25 pm

eagerly awaiting how much green gets...


01/25/2007 02:39 am

Google search: Our home page, does NOT appear to be indexed in Google. It was in Google a few weeks ago, with PR=3, now it's gone. We have a Google sitemap, and there are dozens of links, from other websites, linking to our home page at Why does this not show up in Google?


01/25/2007 02:55 am

Perhaps our last message is not appropriate for this comment area. We will try joining your fourm and posiing it there. Thanks.


01/16/2008 03:10 pm

Yes I can see the change in my web site PR increase and the BL as well.

Toby Mason

07/28/2008 10:08 am

It looks like there was another <a href="" rel="nofollow">PageRank update today</a> as well. After waiting for about 9 weeks, after moving TLD, we have finally re-entered with a PR4.

Daniel Tetreault

07/29/2008 12:58 am

Hi there everyone. I have a personal marketing blog I have been working on for some time. I used to post to forums, chats communities, etc. while at the same time using my website address that I planned on using. And... much to my delight, when I finally got my WordPress Blog up and running, I was pleasantly surprised to note that I already had a Google PageRank of 2/10. Then after posting some content and heavily posting links back to my website (organic), I began submitting my url to various directories manually and then got frustrated with the time constraints; I then posted my url via several free online submission services. Then all of the sudden my PageRank decreased from 2 to a 1/10. Why? Or have I answered my own question by a Google slap for too many links too soon? Sincerely, Daniel Tetreault.

Toby Mason

09/01/2008 11:11 pm

hi Daniel, Directory links even when over done shouldnt really punish you although they wont do much for you. You will rarely be punished for inbound links unless you are caught paying for them and even then the host site is more likely to get punished. I would suggest that maybe link is not thought of highly so I would remove that for a start. The directory doesnt look very SEO friendly to me and linking out to a bad domain is not a good idea. I wouldnt worry about losing it. Hope that helps.

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