Making Bidding Mistakes at Google AdWords ($0.10 Vs. $10.00)

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A WebmasterWorld thread admits to possibly making a bidding mistake. For example, this user wanted to bid $0.01 instead of $1.00, but either the individual entered in $1.00 or it was a computer glitch. The same thing happened in an older thread at WebmasterWorld where someone wanted to bid $0.21 but accidently placed a bid of $21.00.

Now, in the later thread the advertiser was refunded the money. Why? Well, no one knows for sure.

AdWordsRep responded to the thread in post number 3174050 saying;

I have seen no details of this particular situation at all, so can't say for sure - but based on four years in AdWords support this sounds to me like a one-time 'courtesy credit' made, on occasion, when an advertiser has made a costly error. Hopefully, surf4soul will correct me if I am mistaken.

Since that November 30th post, no correction has been made, so I will assume it was a one-time courtesy credit.

But what can Google do to help advertisers not make this mistake in the future?

Why not make the two input boxes one for dollars and one for cents. IMHO a lot of advertisers use bids in decimals and this would avoid mistakes with the "." or ",".

It is now officially in the Google AdWords suggestion box and hopefully will be an option for some. But yet others may not like to have to enter in the price into two different boxes, who knows.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Josh Wex

12/26/2006 05:50 pm

This happened to me twice in the last month. I was using Google Adwords Editor and uploaded bids of 0.10 cents, however, I was getting charged at $10.00 for the content network. I'm generally very cautious, however, this same thing happened twice in one week. I emailed my Adwords rep and they were able to refund the money, but only after I told them about the possible 'glitch' in Adwords Editor. It seems if you simply make a mistake, they will only refund 1/2 the amount charged. I imagine this was a mistake on my part, but it always seemed a strange that I would make the same mistake twice in one week.

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