Google Update via Data Refresh 11/28

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There are reports from WebmasterWorld that a new Google data refresh is taking place now. People are noticing both large and small shuffling of the positioning of pages for select search queries. I do not believe this is a huge update but I can be wrong.

The thread was started last night and is already two pages long.

No confirmation from Google yet on if this is a real update or not.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Martinez

11/30/2006 07:28 am

This is the same update you reported on last week: They didn't do anything over the Thanksgiving weekend, so far as I can tell. I'm monitoring dozens of Google Alerts and have seen almost no new content pages released to the main index since last week. The alerts show plenty of new content for blogs and news. I've been watching about 40 sites that have been crawled or shortly will be crawled over the past two weeks. The queries these sites are targeted toward have not changed since before the update began last week (the weekend before Thanksgiving). This update has been discussed in other forums besides WMW.

No Name

11/30/2006 09:44 am

I am noticing some rather large changes. Three data centers are ranking me rather well, the rest are terrible. We will see. Hopefully they all change to results like those three.


12/14/2006 09:08 am

Something is definitely going on . . . My site seem to dissapear from all my keywords - especially on on .ca it dropped to 20 from 2 - all my serps are gone. and I've been around for 3 years with 2500 backlinks - webmasters tell me I should wait and see but this sucks that we have to rely on google. I use no trickery and always in touch with the google adsense program. I wonder whats going on?

Vidyapriya C

09/18/2009 11:59 am

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