Yahoo! Rents Out Hugh Hefner's Sky Villa in Palms Hotel

Nov 16, 2006 • 10:04 am | comments (9) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under WebmasterWorld 2006 Las Vegas

I was lucky enough to be invited to Yahoo!'s party last night at the Palms Hotel. Yahoo! rented out the Hugh Hefner's Sky Villa, which I hear goes for 40k per night. They had Chris Pierce performing live with his band during the event. The suite is absolutely cool. You walk in and to the left is a bar, with two bartenders, past that is a living room type of area with a fireplace, big TV, sofas. It all looks out to the Vegas skyline, seriously a sweet view. Then there is an outdoor mini pool that looks like the picture below.

WebmasterWorld PubCon Vegas 2006

On the right of the lower rooms is an other bar with more sofas. Then you can walk upstairs to the rooms. There was a photobooth on the left, past that on the left is the bathroom and shower, Rand decided to give it a try. Outside the bathroom is the revolving bed, you can see Andrew Goodman, Rand Fishkin and Myself on it at the same time. Outside of that room, top level, right side of the level, was Hef's room (wasn't allowed in), this massage room, and then some other bedrooms.

The invite list, I hear was small, when I left, I took a cab back with someone who was pretty upset he was turned away at the door.

Very cool party and tons of pics at Flickr. Thanks Yahoo!

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11/16/2006 04:05 pm

LOL this is just scary. Three grown men hanging out in bed together.

Barry Schwartz

11/16/2006 04:09 pm

LOL, yea, I was thinking that when the suggestion to take such a picture was made. But hey, why not...


11/16/2006 04:35 pm

I'm not at all jealous :( They have Playboy mansions in Chicago don't they? Please say they do... please!


11/16/2006 04:54 pm

Not fair.. you look really drunk in one of them barry ;)


11/16/2006 09:02 pm

more pics here:

Barry Schwartz

11/17/2006 01:58 pm

Nice pics Marc. :-)


11/22/2006 06:19 pm

Jeremy, my wife reports that she is very pleased that I am hanging out on the bed with two men, rather than two Playboy bunnies (that happened later).

tyler livingstone

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