to Upgrade Sponsored Search Program

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asl_product_update.jpgMediaPost reported a week ago about's plans to release a new platform for their sponsored search platform. Last night a thread went up at WebmasterWorld with the new feature list.

  1. Improvements in cost and budget control
  2. New ad structure improves content management
  3. Streamlined UI simplifies common tasks
  4. More flexible reporting
  5. Enhanced Bulk Upload tool
And guess what, the upgrade is to take place beginning this weekend.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update: More details here there is a link to a "ASL 2.0 Webinar" with the launch details.

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09/29/2006 01:42 pm

Now if they could just figure out where to get some quality traffic....

Chris E.

11/08/2006 08:52 pm

From my experience,'s sponsored search program has absolutely horrible quality traffic. Their affiliates can burn through a budget in no time, and when you provide examples of specific affiliates delivering terrible quality traffic, their customer service will ignore you. Good luck with I'm never going back.

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