Is A New Threat To Google?

Sep 19, 2006 • 7:25 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

So Microsoft launched a new engine last week, well, not really - they just redirected MSN Search to And now people are asking if this is going to pose a threat to Google...

- MSN Search results are pretty much the same as the results. - MSN Search didn't truly compete, in fact they lost share. - Changing a sticker on a package, might not do it. - Placing a sticker over someone's eyes may be the trick.

A Cre8asite Forums thread has some interesting discussion on the topic. I like how Adrian put it;

To me, in my techy world, live search is where you get the results as you type in a query, not just another 'enter keyword, hit enter' type search.

What's 'live' about it?

Plus, interestingly, it doesn't actually have a submit button or anything, just a vague magnifying glass thing at the end of the form field.

Interesting take.

So I personally await the release of Vista to see how restricting that sticker is...

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

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09/20/2006 02:46 am

The relevance of Live search results have improved a lot. The "related searches" section on the side is pretty awesome. Say you are searching for "Thai Food" what does google show you? Thai food restaurants, recipes, most popular thai food website? How does google know what you are expecting. Live takes a different approach than guessing. It rather provides more general results to the query and suggests a stream of recommendations you can choose to get exactly what you want. It takes only a strong bias to microsoft to overlook the technology and sophistication involved in new products, however it takes some research and passion in general to truly evaluate something of merit. Please do some research before you post i love google stories


09/20/2006 02:50 am

Dave W.

09/21/2006 02:14 am

Google has real problems coming


09/26/2006 04:17 pm

This is what I think a live query should be:

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