Adam Lasnik of Google Tells SEOs Not to Attend His SEO Seminar

Sep 6, 2006 • 7:48 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Yesterday, we reported that Google Giving Search Engine Optimization Classes. Adam Lasnik commented about the seminar he is giving to the governmental agencies, saying that he doesn't feel that those who read WebmasterWorld would benefit much from it.

While I'm excited about this upcoming presentation to government manager folks -- I think that the generally very-tech-savvy WebmasterWorld audience would be disappointed with the depth and focus of information presented. The primary emphasis will be on accessibility, not ranking, and the needs (and limitations) of government sites are often quite distinct from those of for-profit sites.

So I guess save your $30 and continue optimizing your sites.

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09/06/2006 12:42 pm

Spend those $30 on adwords ;)

Michael Martinez

09/06/2006 02:35 pm

Slightly disappointing, but it makes sense. I would still like to see Google and the other major search engines offer classes to the general SEO community. That would go a long way toward dispelling some of the myths and nonsense that become popular ideas, although I'm sure some people would insist (somewhat rightly) that the search engines won't ever disclose all their secrets. They don't have to share all their secrets, but they can certainly lay a foundation of reliable knowledge about what actually is important to search engines.

Andrew Goodman

09/06/2006 03:37 pm

I guess that means you should sneak in anyway. :)

chris boggs

09/06/2006 03:56 pm

hmmm trying to think of a good fake name...

Dave Clark

09/11/2006 04:38 pm

dudes the day that google does that will be the day ill eat 2 boiled eggs... and read 100 garbage seo ebooks for a laugh

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