Google Flags Sites That Add Too Many New URLs

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It appears that Matt Cutts of Google has added a tidbit to his already mind-swimming post named Scoble visiting the Plex, Matt added;

By the way, it looks like the primary issue with the Windows Live Writer blog was the large-scale migration from to about a month ago. We saw so many urls suddenly showing up on that it triggered a flag in our system which requires more trust in individual urls in order for them to rank (this is despite the crawl guys trying to increase our hostload thresholds and taking similar measures to make the migration go smoothly for Spaces). We cleared that flag, and things look much better now.

A sudden increase of URLs on triggered a Google flag, once they cleared "that flag," things began to "look much better."

So adding new URLs or Sub domains can trigger such a flag? Google has flags that bring up manual review?

Sites with seasonal products that add hundreds of products during that season can be affected? I doubt it. Revamping a site's URL structure can trigger a flag? Depends on if this is a subdomain thing or not...

There are just now so many questions an SEO may have from this post.

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Matt Cutts

09/04/2006 03:58 pm

Remember that or is up to tens of millions of urls, depending on which search engine you ask. It would be akin to if suddenly moved to So this is not something that a typical site owner needs to think about or worry about if they're not adding hundreds of thousands or millions of URLs very quickly.


09/04/2006 05:22 pm

And with this news comes the absolute ton of spam spaces sites, the majority of which come up with "Space Not Available The space you are trying to view might not exist or access to it may be restricted."

Amir Meshkin

09/05/2006 05:48 am

There are a lot of things that can you flagged on google. Changing your page structure around can make you lose pagerank. This is what happened to me with my site Also, i'm starting t like MSN a little better. Type myspace music player in google, and you get a bunch of crappy sites which are nothng but link dumb Commmission Junction sites with NO REAL CONTENT. Type myspace music player in msn, and you used to get my site as NUMBER ONE, now its behind snocap which made recent news...never though Microsoft would one up google in ANYTHING...

Michael Martinez

09/05/2006 05:19 pm

Well, I add lots of pages every now and then and don't have problems, so I assumed -- when I read Matt's initial report -- that immense volume would be required to trigger that red flag. I'm glad to see that Matt has confirmed my assumption. Forums add tons of pages every day. So do forum service providers where you can add a sub-domain. They don't get penalized. Google tries to err on the conservative side of things, in my opinion, and while that means we have to live with a little more spam, it also means the average Web site operator is not likely to get nailed for doing nothing wrong.

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