SEO "Defined" in the Sunday Times

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The Search Engine Optimization industry has long been ignored by the press, who often focus on more "established" forms of marketing. A few years ago, it was very difficult to find an article about SEO in any mainstream or even fringe media outlet. How things change. Recently, Danny Sullivan, among others, was covered in an article about SEO in USA Today (recap). Prior to that, there was an article about the demand for search marketing professionals in WSJ's Career Journal. And then there was the Sunday Times...

A thread at Search Engine Watch introduces the article from this weekend's Sunday Times, which as Rand points out is woefully full of errors. Some examples of non-factual statements made by the author:

There are two types of search engines — directories and web crawlers. Directories, such as Yahoo, have staff paid to consider every new website submitted before slotting them into categories or subsections. Web crawlers such as Google or work by sending out software programs — called bots — that trawl the web for information relevant to a user’s key word search.
OK I guess Yahoo! doesn't have a crawler?
Blogs are very “search-engine friendly” because they are rich in key words, and contain a large amount of text.
This warranted its own paragraph...

There are plenty more questionable statements in the article. It is a shame that the Times did not run this by an actual SEO expert for editing...I know there's at least a couple over there!

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Search Engines WEB ۞

08/22/2006 03:39 am

Considering the type of audience that might be reading that article - it was BASICALLY appropriate. It is NOT a technical article for SEOs, it is basically SEO 101 - perhaps business owners and executives who may want to get some basic idea of how to promote their site, so as to hold an initial conversation with a Webmaster or Online Marketer.

Paul Zhao

08/22/2006 04:51 pm

About time our community gets some public recognition. :)

Tiziana Imageberatung

08/23/2006 03:37 pm

I cant believe the Times did this. They are not known for bad or unchecked reports.


02/15/2009 11:05 pm

Everyone is an SEO expert now! Results are what counts.

No Name

08/28/2009 06:55 am

All says that i am am SEO Expert, but during exam time, some of them fail..

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