The Obscure Query Revisited: A Look at SEM Forum Discussion

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Every now and then on an off day, I revisit the Big Blue Pineapple Chair page I have on this site. Why? Well, it gives me an idea of how well (1) this site is doing in the various search engines and (2) how well the search engines are doing with this site.

Same difference, but with number one above, I place the blame on my SEO work. With number two, I place the blame with the search engines themselves.

Since I have never made a change to that page, I suspect we can blame the search engines and not myself. Oh, I am sure the search engines have their excuses. But let's dig deeper.

Historically, I have been tracking this page, for those please see:

Ok, so from time to time, search engines rank that page differently.

Today, how are the engines treating that page?

Google: Result number 40! Ummm... Something seems wrong here!

Yahoo: Result number 1, that is correct.

MSN: Result number 1, that is also correct.

Ask: Result number 4, indented under an other seroundtable result. Top result is some spammy redirect.

At one point, Yahoo! didn't rank it well. At one point, MSN didn't either. At one point Ask ranked it better. And at one point, Google also ranked it well.

So what has changed? Can we look at this one example to see how Google changed as a whole for all sites? Seem typical of what we see in a forum?

At this time, it appears Google doesn't like this site. In a few weeks, months, years... maybe Google will. But this does not represent Google's results as a whole. Yea, well, I am still upset Google doesn't rank that page in the top 10. I see no reason why it is not the most targeted page for users. Heck, no one wants a big blue pineapple chair, they don't really even make them. So relevancy here, well, it is not existent from a searcher's perspective. From an SEO's perspective, I think my page is pretty well relevant.

Who knew I would have this obsession with Big Blue Pineapple Chairs?

The reason for this post is two fold. (1) To keep track of the rankings of that page and (2) to note how this is a typical thread at a forum. Many folks look at their isolated site and suggest the issue is global for all sites. I doubt this is the case. But giving Google specifics, like I am above, can sometimes help them improve relevancy on their side. If they deem it appropriate.

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Search Engines WEB

08/07/2006 01:51 am

Google's Algos will sometimes Rank for a PHRASE - & sometimes rank for EACH of the Keywords Separately - then commbing the results as a whole for their SERPs. So even non competative PHRASES can sometimes rank low - if if consists of a couple of competative keywords. _____________________________ Sometimes it is helpful to compare both the ALGOs for extremely NON competative keywords along with the ALGOs for competative heavily OPTIMIZED keywords - to get a complete perspective. Look at the ongoing ALGO changes for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION How frustrating it must be for some

Paul Zhao

08/07/2006 03:43 pm

Backlinks Backlinks Backlinks Get some backlinks to that page using that specific keyword you're looking for as anchor text of links.


08/16/2006 03:09 pm

One of the coolest sagas you have created to date. I really enjoy your in depth dissection of how the engines deal with this stuff over time. Keep up the good work!

Barry Schwartz

08/16/2006 03:20 pm

It is fixed btw, on Google's side and my side.

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