Google's Possible Response to Yahoo?

Aug 4, 2006 • 8:45 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Search Engine & SEO Theory

Yesterday, Barry covered that Yahoo was "doctorin' up" the results for a search at Yahoo! for the term "" There is a thread at Search Engine Roundtable Forums covering the topic.

Well Andy the engineer at AA|RF and I were chatting, and he came up with a possible response by Google, within a Google search result for "good search engine." (The following image is a joke and was not taken from actual results!)


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Michael Martinez

08/04/2006 04:26 pm

I'm not seeing the result. But it does sound like a great joke.

Ben Pfeiffer

08/04/2006 04:37 pm

Mike, I think they created the image as a joke and its not an actual search engine result.


05/07/2007 02:08 pm

Google is following a monopoly to maximize their revenues through Google Adwords. This is something which is making Google lag behind other search engines like Yahoo, and MSN. Google became popular because of its latest/accurate results. These days Google is surely aiming to deliver accurate results , but their ranking filters and algorithm can eventually hit back Google like a Boomerang. They are trying to maximize their Adwords/Adsense revenue, and to enable this they are deliberately holding back ranking of several useful websites. Whenever I have to search for some latest news, free software, free script etc etc, I have to rush immediately to MSN since it delivers latest results. Moreover MSN has emerged as a NO-ENTRY zone for Adult related websites. This will be a major boon for MSN. Their Image search is far much advance than Google :-* These days even Yahoo is gaining pace over Google by delivering latest results in their search engine. Surely Google has to wake up before it is too late. Their useless filters are making life miserable for genuine websites/forums to score top rankings on Google. Moreover it is making life miserable for search users by restricting their search results. If you are searching for some new stuff then try searching on MSN. I am sure you wont be dissapointed with results.

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