Google Buys a Domain? Let the Rumors Begin

Aug 3, 2006 • 11:11 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Miscellaneous

Buying domains that include a brand name is not uncommon. Protecting brand identity is becoming more and more important on the Internet, and those "in the know" spend time and resources researching and buying as many brand-inclusive domains as possible. Google and Yahoo! purchase domains on a regular basis (I am sure MSN does too), and some people that keep an eye on these sorts of things can easily start rumors. Some rumors end up turning into reality, which is what makes them fun to discuss.

A recent thread at Digital Point Forums is a good example of a hypothetical discussion based on the Digg of a report of a domain name purchased recently by Google: The thread reveals some theories that may not be all that far from the truth, including an eventual Google Debit/Credit card. One of the cooler ideas I saw was that G would simply credit your account with funds earned from AdSense, making for easier access to that hard-earned publisher fee.

See the thread at Digital Point Forums.

For more great rumor-fodder, you can see Gary Price's recent posts at Resource Shelf, including three lists of Google buys and a Yahoo! list too (Google Domains, More G domains, more G domains, and Yahoo! Domains). I actually just started a couple threads at Search Engine Watch Forums for the further discussion of these lists posted by Gary. (Google thread - Yahoo! thread)

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Spider Tactics

08/03/2006 07:20 pm

Perhaps Google is going to hand out penalty cards for spammy sites, much like the way they do in soccer and <a href=",2933,206609,00.html">New Zealand bars</a>. Yellow Card: “Sandboxed” – you have link-farm links pointing to your site, poor / duplicate content, hidden text and a really stupid SEO. Red Card: Banned – you’re a blackhat and you’ve been busted. All that time you spent cloaking, redirecting, link injecting, blog spamming and site scraping has gone to waste. Now go buy a expired domain and do it again. Master Card: “You’re Screwed” – Not only is your site now considered to be in an “bad neighborhood”, it has been de-listed as well as all of your other sites in your link network. Spiders will not crawl you, your host won't talk to you, the PR bar laughs in your face and your wife doesn’t love you anymore. Time to get a real job.

Ben Pfeiffer

08/03/2006 08:34 pm

It could be something very similar to what a majority of companies and non-profits do for labelling mastercards or visas with their favorite logos with the possibility of earning points or depositing fund to help a charity. Like I could get Nascar mastercard if I wanted to here:

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