AdWords in Google Web Search Versus Google Maps

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Stacy Williams who speaks often at the SES conferences started a thread at Search Engine Watch Forums asking why does Google for some queries show the same AdWords ads in Google Web search results as they do in Google Maps results and sometimes Google does not? Is it a query dependency thing? Does it have to do with having a local entry in Google Local? What is it?

I personally do not know and the Google docs don't tell us too much. Let's compare a few queries...

(1) Query Phrase: chiropractor atlanta AdWords Results in Web Search:,,,,,,,,,, AdWords Results in Map Results:,,, AdWords Overlap: 1 result

(2) Query Phrase: plumber atlanta AdWords Results in Web Search:,,,,,,,,,, AdWords Results in Maps Results:,,, AdWords Overlap: All 4,,,,

(3) Query Phrase: electrician atlanta AdWords Results in Web Search:,,,,,,,,,, AdWords Results in Maps Results:,,, AdWords Overlap: All 4,,,,

So what makes the first query different? Why do not all the ads match? Does it have to do with Google offering a "did you mean?" onebox result at the top? I am not sure.

Keep in mind, I complied these results at 7:15AM (EST) this morning, the results can and will change over time.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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06/01/2008 11:43 pm

Depends on whether there is a city based attached attached with the query. In you local plumber example,top directory and leading site comes up Google top 10 in both because an Atlanta based sponsor has been added to Google MAP


06/28/2011 07:40 pm

I agree with Andy. If you use Adwords, sometimes your company can be seriously helped by them. Take for instance my Maryland plumbers friends. I don't know if they do adwords, but they are doing SEO and it's boosting their Google rank. They deserve it. They're a great group of plumbers.


07/19/2011 02:38 pm

Can you tell I love looking at this article? It's so fascinating that I'm back! I've researched a little bit more and I don't know if I agree with Andy anymore. I think the best way to improve a plumber's business is to increase their Google rank through SEO not Adsense.

John Howard

12/30/2013 08:47 pm

I think this is a pretty interesting way to improve a rating for a website. I think that there are many ways that a person can improve their ratings, but there might be a better way of improving them. Thanks for the article.


02/05/2014 05:50 pm

I need to find someone that can help me with plumbing. I have been trying to find some DIY tips. Do you have any for me? William |

Bob Strong

03/29/2014 03:23 am

I didn't know there was such a large difference between the searches between Google Web and Google Maps. In the article it mentions how Google Web Adwords are more powerful. Is this the same for every case or just for plumbing related companies?

Annie Green

04/18/2014 01:55 am

I do not know what I did before maps. I have the hardest time finding places. It is so nice to type things into the internet and be able to get places easily.

Ruth James

04/30/2014 09:51 pm

I have been trying to understand how business profiles work on google. I have been creating some listings for different companies. In some situations I go straight through the AdWords and in others I go into the Google MapMaker. I don't know how the different ways effect the listing itself. I have found that creating the listing through AdWords and verifying it with a google pin is most effective. Once you verify the listing, the information goes live. Whereas going through the MapMaker it has to undergo a review. How does Google decide what will come up as the top result? Ruth James |

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