Improving Your Google AdWords Quality Score

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Chris wrote about Suggestions for Improving Google Quality Score linking to a bunch of threads, but I thought I share a single post from a new WebmasterWorld thread that perhaps can help many of you. I understand how serious this issue is, and that is why you are seeing much coverage on it from here.

Why would a landing page receive a low quality score? 1. Not enought content 2. Privacy policy is lacking details 3. No contact us page 4. No external links to helpful resources

Getting the AdWords spider to come back? 1. Copy the site on a different domain 2. Block spiders (web search spiders) from accessing this page (no duplicate content issues this way) 3. Copy your AdWords campaign, but switch the domain name to this new one, make some tweaks so it is not exactly identical.

This may help you and it can't hurt to try.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Brandon Hopkins

07/21/2006 06:04 pm

Can the bots really read and comprehend a privacy policy? Or do they just see if it has been duplicated (which I assume most have)?

Barry Schwartz

07/21/2006 06:15 pm

Possibly they look for certain characteristics and words in the policy. Most privacy policies have certain topics covered. Who knows...


07/22/2006 05:53 am

Talk about tail wagging the dog! Google doesnt like some element of your landing page - cause unknown - so you cannot change the page, you have to create a new domain instead. SEM is becoming a Dali like landscape - half absurd and half sinister.

Brent Hodgson

02/26/2008 10:44 am

I agree re: "wagging the dog". There are easy ways to get the spider to revisit - a simple punctuation change for example, or a 301 redirect from a new destination URL to the old landing page. Just to clarify a point above for readers - blocking spiders won't block the Adwords spider - but it will blog the "normal" Google spiders (preventing duplicate content issues). Brent


11/22/2008 10:41 pm

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03/20/2009 11:28 pm

I'm with Sholto. Perhaps a more accurate term for quality score should be "revenue score"; i.e. the amount of revenue Google earns from advertisers who overspend to improve quality scores. I have ad groups with the keyword phrase in the title, keyword phrase in domain name and display URL, keyword phrase in ad copy, keyword phrase in landing page title, meta keywords and in the page itself and website structure as proposed in this post and my quality score is "poor". It is not about relevance! If it were, there would not be a requirement for high CTR in Google's quality score measure - in fact high CTR is not optimal in many cases because we want to stop people from clicking ads when we know that the site is not relevant to them. I am spending much more time and $ on other search engines for my advertising now.

shareef defrawi

09/20/2009 06:23 am

Berry makes a very good point- I've created landing pages based solely on the copy/title of an ad and have still gotten 4/10 on my quality score. If they're going to base your ad position on this formula they should refine it more...

Chad Walls - Math Tutor

08/14/2010 06:43 pm

How big of an impact adding a Privacy Policy will have on quality score? My Privacy Policy is duplicate content so I use a robots.txt file to block spiders from crawling this page of my site for SEO purposes. When Adword quality score is assessed will my Privacy Policy included in the equation?


09/23/2010 07:22 pm

not fully explained. please post in more details. thanks

Andy Kuiper - SEO Analyst

01/02/2011 08:34 pm

This is an important topic that many, many people struggle with: it would be great if you could write a full article on how to improve bad QS ---> and/or some of the other topics that go along with this. Thanks Barry Andy :-)


08/27/2012 10:23 pm

google rep told me today w respect to adwords express that a privacy policy is a *prerequisite* if you are using forms to receive user data.

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