Google AdWords Ridding Themselves of Affiliates

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We all know about the heavily discussed AdWords landing page quality score that has come into play recently. A WebmasterWorld thread shows a conversation one Google AdWords advertiser had with his representative. Basically, what it says is that Google will be doing what they can to remove affiliate ads from the AdWords program.

So I called the support number. Here is the short of it: Google is deliberately removing all affiliate programs from adwords listings. They had a quality team go through and rate their experience on a whole wide group of sites, including affiliate sites. The over-all score for affiliate sites was not high enough to pass their new guidelines therfore they are all being flagged and when found are being removed. Indirectly of course with the $10 min bids.

When I asked what I could do to make it meet their new guidelines she told me, "Honestly we have not had any good news for these types of sites." No help offered.

There has been no response from any official Google representative in the thread as of the time of posting this. Well, the thread is less than 24 hours long, but it is 3 pages deep.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Interested 3rd party

07/19/2006 07:01 pm

Interesting. I wonder if Clickbank, Commission Junction and others shouldn't get together and file a restraint of trade or similar action at the FTC? One just has to love a company that tells the world, "Do as we say not as we do." And Google is notorious for it. Let's hope MSN or another SE comes along and kicks their &%#es. Google supplanted Yahoo! as the "world's" SE, which had supplanted AltaVista. Please, please, please someone rid us of the arrogant blight that is Google. As a Webmaster, I'm almost getting to the point where I want to add Googlebot to the Robots.txt file. Disallow: * LOL Every time a search engine starts getting arrogant about dictating to the market, something comes along to knock them down a few pegs. And after the fiasco of BigDaddy, they so desperately need it.


07/19/2006 11:21 pm

this bloody google is so arrogand, they want to break our affiliate little ass...we have to pursue google legally , the ppc market is a monopoly the us and european commission should do something to free more the market! as said someone here i hope yahoo and Msn will increase their market share soon!


07/21/2006 12:54 am

It would be a major task, but what if all the affliate publishers went somewhere other than Google? Literally, let's all move. Everyone cut off your adwords campaigns for a week starting August 1! I think Google would get the message!


07/22/2006 08:50 am

This is really good news!! This would hopefully get rid of all MFA crap from the adsense ads. Buying low and selling high is somethign they have specialised in. So overall its great news for common web user as well as adsense publisher. But I belive they need to do more to make web free of crappy MFA's.


07/27/2006 10:17 am

Brian - I like what you're saying, but basically this is just falling into Google's hands. Think about it - this is exactly what they want. I had words running at $0.30, Av. Pos. 1.4, CTR 8% - Queen of my hill. Then Google changed algos and now they want me to pay $10.00 for the same keywords. A 3300% raise just to get back into the game, let alone lead it, means they don't want my ads. If all affs leave - we'll just be doing what they want us to do. i say - fight! PS - i think i was one of the first to get hit, as now the forums are full of this google problem, and when i first searched nobody knew what i was talking about. Lucky me... (bitter smile)


11/08/2006 09:45 pm

i just started the affiliate thing 2 weeks ago with clickbank and google. and now google has cut me off,saying "It has come to our attention that your Google AdWords accounts do not comply with our terms of service and advertising policies. As a result, your accounts have been suspended and your ads will no longer run on Google. As noted in our Terms and Conditions, Google reserves the right to terminate advertisements for any reason. To view our Terms and Conditions" so i finally found their phone number and called them, they said they couldnt tell me anymore or a reason other than to refer back to the email they sent me. google sucks

Charles White

02/14/2008 09:31 pm

Do Google not understand what they are doing they are trying to play God with the Market this can not be tolerated it is like big brother telling you what to do. Companies Love affiliates they are thriveing on affiliates selling there Goods what they should be doing is to make sure that a Skillfull Affiliate working to make sure there adds are relevant so they make money,not dictating to people i know what will happen the Market always wins some company will find away to let quality affilite marketing work and Google will be left with there pants Down.

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