Cartoon Barry Interactive by SitePal

Jul 12, 2006 • 1:12 pm | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Blog Administration

The folks over at SitePal have made a Cartoon Barry into a character. I will be coding it to interactively read posts to you, based on the content of the post, when you click on an icon to initiate the playback.

Here is the cartoon with some text read back, that I manually added. You must click on the individual entry to view it.

After it is done talking, you can move your mouse and *my* eyes will follow the mouse.

Any thoughts, feel free to leave a comment.

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Leon Schwartz

07/12/2006 06:12 pm

Way cool! If only you could teach it to actually search, compose and post for you......


07/12/2006 07:08 pm

very cute, barry. Great idea. Gotta get the voice guy's timing down a little better. He sounds like a us president or something


07/13/2006 05:53 am

but can he play ball....:)


07/13/2006 02:39 pm

Am i the only one who finds these things annoying? :(

Barry Schwartz

07/13/2006 03:08 pm

They are annoying if the user doesnt have the control over it. When implemented, it will only be visible if the user requests it. They (you) will have to click on a button to initiate Cartoon Barry.


02/01/2007 01:03 pm

i want to ytpe something in so the person will repeat it


03/07/2007 03:58 pm


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