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A Cre8asite Forum thread asks SEO training- is it worthwhile? There are many ways to train oneself to become an SEO, they include;

  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • School
  • Books
  • Forums
  • Friends
  • Trial & Error

A great way to begin is to pick up a basic book and follow that up with a seminar or conference. Then once you get the core principles down, joining a forum and reading and sharing in the discussion is often very helpful. Make friends and then experiment through trial and error. Finally, go back to the conferences and also read the more technically written books. Rinse and repeat.

Ammon warns;

The one thing I would caution against is if anyone were considering a course being an investment to make them an instant SEO. It won't. The course is merely a fast way to get all the basic principles into your mind so that you can then set off to learn more advanced and specialized skills from there.

Does the order I listed above matter? I don't think it has to be in that order, that is why it is listed in bullet format and not number format.

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06/21/2006 02:50 pm

i think forums is the best way,if other members be willing to share their experience ,i also learn SEO now.

Michael Martinez

06/21/2006 06:19 pm

There are many forum-trained SEOs who make me cringe. But I learned the first basics in forums myself, back when there were relatively few forums -- and then the most useful information came from a spammer who took a chance and shared a detailed technique that could have gotten him expelled. There is no one best way to acquire the skills you need to be a good SEO. It takes most people a long time to figure out all the crap that gets passed around as "good advice" is really crap. After all, in today's competitive environment, it's just not a good idea to share all or your best ideas and information openly.

No Name

10/10/2006 05:21 pm

A course is a great way to learn the basics of search engine optimization. Afterwards, the student can bring his/her follow up questions to a webmaster forum. However, unless the person intends to pursue SEO as a career and cost is no concern, high <a href="">prices for SEO training</a> can be a deterrent to many people.

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