Does the Webmaster Want You to Click On Google AdSense Ads?

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A funny thread at WebmasterWorld shows a good intentioned member saying that he clicks on Google AdSense ads whenever he sees them to support the publisher. But he did not expect the response from the other Webmasters at the forum. Pretty much all of them shot him/her down as it being unethical to click on those ads, since it is costing the Google AdWords advertiser money.

Here is is word for word...

Good intention:

whenver i visit a website with adsense, i would give a click to the adverting firstly: because i think the webmaster provides some useful information to me, i should give him something in return. What's your choice in such occasion? :)

Maybe not...

That's not support that's stealing from the advertiser. Your argument amounts to idealism without the sentry of logic.

Bottom-line, just click on ads, if you are interested in the ads.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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05/15/2006 01:05 pm

that make sense.

Kieran Hawe

05/15/2006 01:42 pm

Honestly I can go either way on this. If someone visits a website that they get use out of and they want to support them whats the big deal. However, looking at it from a broad level - its not something I want people doing.


05/15/2006 11:35 pm

"The road to hell is full of good intentions" Randy Travis song lol I go with the if you are really interested in the website click on it answer. The sad issue is good intentions can get an AS account closed. Now if a person who has these good intentions also has an AS account and a Google tool bar, logic would say they might be risking their own account and potentially others. Moral of the story dont click to help anyone out click only if you think you can gain valuable information from the as site.

stephanie scott

04/19/2007 06:24 pm

i have adsense on my website and no one clicks on them how do you get people to click on them, any tips?

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