Dynamic Implementation of Google Co-op for Search Engine Roundtable

May 11, 2006 • 11:58 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

This morning I described what is Google Co-op, but I also promised I would try to implement an example for this site. Well, we have implemented phase one of Google Co-op subscription links for this site. You can subscribe to the coop and then when you perform searches that are an exact match to one of the SER Categories, you should see the subscriber links results (if you are signed into your Google account) while searching.


It will ask you to login, if you are not, and then confirm your subscription. Soon after, if you search on any of our SER Categories by name you should see a result that looks like;


If you like, you can preview the results by clicking here and scrolling down the page to the bottom, where it says "Preview these queries." Click on an example query and you will see what it will look like.

So, what do you say, subscribe to us and test it out. Then searches like Google AdSense or Link Building will finally become relevant at Google. :)

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05/11/2006 07:35 pm

Hi Barry, I subscribed to your Co-op and tried some searches. I couldn't see the links. Just a green background and an unclickable link at the bottom. Turns out Norton Internet Security blocks those links. Interesting!! ;-) Turned Norton off and all was fine. Thanks for setting up a demo. martin

Barry Schwartz

05/11/2006 09:18 pm

Ha, that is funny.


05/11/2006 10:18 pm

Hi Barry, I subscribed to DIGG and toy SEROUNDTABLE. Although I can see DIGG links, I can't see SEOROUNDTABLE links. I guess I have to read a bit more about this tool. Cheers! Enrique


05/12/2006 04:43 pm

Hi Barry, I think this is a fantastic addition to the SE Round Table. Thank you Best, Jonathan (aka jZillan)

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