Accidently Clicking on Top Blue Google Ads

May 8, 2006 • 7:59 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

When you search at on certain keyword phrases, you may see the sponsored listings at the top of the page. Those listings have a blue background, so that they are clearly labeled as paid listings. But, did you know, if you click on the blue area, with no ad text, it will still take you to the advertisers landing page and charge the advertiser?


As you can see from the image above, I boxed out the blank area, that if you click within, you will be taken to the advertiser who is closest to your mouse click on the left.

ShandyKing at our forums says he sometimes clicks on a page to drag the page down. When he does this at Google, he some times accidently clicks on an ad, even though he is not clicking on any ad text.

Do you have ad "clumsiness" that costs advertisers dollars?

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Peter Harrison

05/08/2006 01:38 pm

Rustybrick, The same is true for MSN. Peter

Neil Patel

05/08/2006 03:31 pm

Google, Yahoo, and MSN do this. The only major search engine that does not do this is AOL.

Jaimie Sirovich

05/08/2006 03:46 pm

I've totally done this. I'm surprised it took so long for someone to blog about it. I'm not really spazzy on the mouse, either. It just happens sometimes.

SEO Junkie

05/08/2006 04:22 pm

It's not new. I think I have seen this long ago. They have made the whole DIV tag clickable by putting this event handler onClick="ga(this,event)" ...

Ray Grieselhuber

05/08/2006 04:38 pm

Isn't that the whole point? That's the reason that the top and right side of the screen is used for ads. Users frequently click inside the browser to make that window active. Both search engines and advertisers depend on this, so the real question should be "how much of this 'clumsiness' leads to real revenue for advertisers?"

Todd Henley

05/08/2006 04:56 pm

seems like some type of border dividing the blue space would solve some of this confusion? it would at least clarify which advertiser you are clicking on. on the right side of that blue space, it is really difficult to tell.

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