's New TV Commercials Sport Apostolos Gerasoulis,'s Technology Founder

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Yesterday, I posted at SEW blog Second TV Blitz Stars Chief Scientist Guru, Apostolos Gerasoulis. I have now spotted the commercials that you can view for yourself at

Yes, Apostolos Gerasoulis, is one of the founders of Teoma, the search engine behind And yes, he is the one staring in the TV commercial. Do you think he did a good job of bring across the message? I am not sure...

Here it is in text:

RIMS This ad shows Apostolos Gerasoulis in action talking about how he loves "a tight ride." He explains how understands the difference between "tight" cars and "phat" cars.

LIBRARIANS This ad features Apostolos Gerasoulis among the bookshelves at Rutgers University, standing in the very spot where he came up with the idea for ExpertRank, our unique relevancy technology. Here he talks about how librarians prefer, and the ongoing search for knowledge.

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Kieran Hawe

05/04/2006 05:53 pm

The issue I have with this spot is that I am not clear who they are trying to target. Is it a younger audience, is it techophiles or is it the common everyday google user. Either way Apo has the coolest name out there.


05/05/2006 12:38 am

I like the spots. Be great to see Apostolos become a household name. Much better than the Butler. :)

Search Engines WEB

05/05/2006 02:55 am

He is featured on their Blog.... along with an interview and large Photo Gallery .

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