Matt Cutts Does Q&A Session At Blog

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Matt Cutts posted a blog entry he named Q & A thread: March 27, 2006, in where he answered a nice amount of questions posted in his blog, over the past couple weeks. The entry is well worth a read, if you have not seen it yet. Since then there have been over 75 approved comments on that entry. I do not know how Matt deals with all of that. :) Anyway, here are some solid snippets from the Q&A;

Q: “Is Bigdaddy fully deployed?” A: Yes, I believe every data center now has the Bigdaddy upgrade in software infrastructure, as of this weekend.

Q: “This datacentre works differently to all of the others. Noticed just a few hours ago. . . . . Where does that DC fit into the scheme of things? Is it mainly made from newly spidered data?” A: Sharp eyes, g1smd. That wouldn’t surprise me. As Bigdaddy cools down, that frees us up to do new/other things.

Q: “I am seeing a lot of sites with “%09″ (tab) and “%20″ (space) in front of the URL in Googles index.” A: I’ll ask someone about that.

Much more at his blog.

But the forum discussion on this entry is at DigitalPoint Forums.

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Michael Martinez

03/31/2006 02:07 pm

And the one that has received the most comment in forums and blogs (even without help from me) is Matt's comment about how failure to use NOFOLLOW on paid links many hurt one's reputation with Google. Quite a few folks want to know how Google handles Yahoo!'s paid directory links because of that comment. If Yahoo!'s editorial review is deemed sufficient, people ask, then why aren't other sites' editorial review of paid links deemed sufficient?

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