KinderStart Sues Google Over Being Dropped From Index

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Late Friday news came down that Google has been sued by, a parental advice site, for being demoted in the search rankings. KinderStart is trying to create a class action lawsuit for all Web site owners who have been blacklisted by Google since January 2001. "The complaint accuses Google, as the dominant provider of Web searches, of violating KinderStart's constitutional right to free speech by blocking search engine results showing Web site content and other communications." In addition, the lawsuit wants Google to turn over its secret search ranking algorithms. Plus, the complaint says that KinderStart has served its "its probation inside the "Sandbox" before release by the Defendant Google." For full news write ups, read Silicon Valley or Reuters or Also, if you like, you can read the whole filing at here, I wanted to capture a screen shot of the second paragraph of the introduction for you here, it is worth a quick scan.

Some information that may be important for this case.

  1. Google has posted its Webmaster guidelines for over three years now, clearly on its Web site.
  2. Google has recently been sending out warning emails to Webmasters who have been crossing over that line.
  3. Google has once officially confirmed a penalty in the past.
  4. clearly has Google AdSense ads on their site.
  5. KinderStart has not been all that careful with managing its comments.
  6. KinderStart seems to have ~29,800 pages in the Google index. Although there seems to be huge supplemental issues.

Now for the forum roundup;

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Micahael Martinez

03/20/2006 08:43 pm

Maybe it was the hidden text on their front page that got them penalized? They're lucky to still be in the index, in my opinion. Google wasn't so generous with a few other companies who have actually been banned.

Search Engines Web

03/20/2006 09:03 pm

Google should NOT ban a INDIVIDUAL Valid site because of SEO strategies they dislike on a given page - They have ample programming ablities to render certain tactic useless via General Algos. It is important that Google's Power be curbed Just like Google gave warnings to Webmasters - Search Engines Web gave Google many many warnings and recommendations publically. They did use some of those recommendations, but there were some that were not implemented - those continued voids is what prompted this suit and more like it in the future. If they had just listened!!!

Michael Martinez

03/21/2006 10:45 pm

Hm. Well, Google didn't ban the site, they just penalized it. There are plenty of pages from Kinderstart listed in the index. Nonetheless, penalization is, in fact, one programming ability "to render certain tactic(s) useless via General Algos". I don't see any merit to this lawsuit. It pretends to be a voice for the people, but in fact no constitutional rights have been infringed. The latest Nielsen market report indicates that Google only gets 48% of the search market. That's not a monopoly. Kinderstart still has the option of building traffic through Yahoo! and MSN. They should cut their losses short and focus on doing some good SEO.

Eran Malloch

03/24/2006 03:37 am

Geeze, what a pathetic attempt at getting some free publicity. I am quite sure they are hoping all the other google whingers, haters & complainers out there will jump on the bandwagon and put their hand up to join a frivilous class action. America TRULY IS the land of the lawsuit in preference to taking responsibility for one's actions. While I don't worship Google or anything silly (hey, some of my sites don't get much action from Google, but I don't bitch about it), I just am blown away with how many moaners & complainers there are out there, blaming Google for all their woes. For pete's sake people, lets get a grip on reality here and remember that there are plenty of other SEs to optimise for AS WELL AS offline marketing. The way I look at it, ANY free traffic I get from Google, Yahoo & MSN is a gift, not a right! If I don't like them, I can take my site/s out of their indexes, and I am welcome to find other ways to get traffic to my site, just the same as the offline world does now and has done for hundreds of years! Grow up all you babies and deal with it!!!

Parenting Forum

03/27/2006 05:41 pm

It looks like all the pages from Kinderstart is out of the Supplement cache pages on this Google DC:

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