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Want Google hosted pages but you don't want to blog with You got it. Google this morning officially announced Google Page Creator at Google has a ton of documentation on what Google page creator is here. The pages will be hosted under and should be indexed like any other Web page on the net. If you are using Safari or an other unsupported browser, like me, then you will get to a page like this.

Chris Sherman at the Search Engine Watch official article, he coined Google Introduces Web Page Creator where he brings up the question of porn and spam issues, that has plagued Google Base (and I will add Froogle). Also, David Ogletree has a bit of a interactive review of the product.

Forum discussion is where it is at and here are some recent threads:

Here is my page;

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02/24/2006 05:06 am

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05/01/2006 06:16 pm

I have been using Google Page Creator for about a month now and it is VERY easy to use, and you can really do some great things with it! Everyone is welcome to have a look at my site: greetings, Jos. :-)


03/17/2007 05:29 am

The google page creator is a great tool but i love the open source with many features. Thanks M.N

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