Google News Glitch Yesterday?

Feb 22, 2006 • 7:38 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

A WebmasterWorld thread named problems? documented how when you did a search, for example on Reuters and then repeated the search over and over again, the number of stories, in a matter of a refresh, would jump from "26,900 to 13,500 to 0." Now I am trying this now, and I can not reproduce the issue. But others checked about 5pm (EST) yesterday, and have noticed the same issue. Maybe it has been fully resolved.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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02/22/2006 08:43 pm

Couldn't this simply be Google denying an IP results due to hammering? If I had a user refresh a page over and over and over again you'll be sure he gets booted. News doesn't update that fast so there is no reason ti refresh so much. -PK

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