Framed Sites = "SE Kiss of Death?"

Feb 17, 2006 • 10:11 am | comments (1) by twitter | Filed Under Search Engine & SEO Theory

Many SEO's, when just starting to analyze a site for search engine friendliness, will look for Frames as one of the first things that could signal a problem. Often, the immediate diagnosis is "search engines cannot index content within frames." The two aspirin perscribed are site rebuild and a dose of SEO.

In many cases, this is the most simple of problems and the rebuild will "fix things." A thread over at High Rankings Forum starts with a member asking about their framed site, and how it could actually be ranking at Yahoo, MSN, and even Google?

Some good discussion is following at High Rankings Forum.

Another discussion on this topic has been going on at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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Neuronimbus Software Services

02/20/2006 06:02 am

Acc. to SEO Point, Every SEO usually say a Big "NO" to Frames. That's too obvious, difficulties in indexing by Search Engines even some SE's don't bother frames, difficulties in bookmarks and only easy in navigation point. Fast Navigation will be one advantage of Frames only - ability to display multiple documents at once. Suggestions - If you use FRAMES, don't forget to include NOFRAME Tag.

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