AdWords Tries Four Lines: Super Sized AdWords

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Reported by a member over at our forums, who asked me to post a thread on his behalf, AdWords Getting Large: 4 Lines. Let me say that this is coming from someone I trust and the image is not doctor'ed up. It may be a test or it may be a bug. But it is for sure large. It occurred on a search for california weather.

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Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

Update: Gary Price added a postscript to Danny's link to us on this topic saying;

A Google spokesperson has confirmed that Google is currently conducting a "limited test" of longer ads.
A test! That deserves some forum discussion! How could they!

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Laurent Bourrelly

01/25/2006 12:15 am

Hi, Nice hoax ! It looks more like the user shrinked the browser window. The Ad looks normal on the SERP, but if I make my window smaller I get the exact same Ad than your friend.

Barry Schwartz

01/25/2006 12:16 am

This is not a hoax, please see the link the SEW Blog, a Google Rep confirmed this to be a test.

Laurent Bourrelly

01/25/2006 12:26 am

Hi again, I made a screenshot of what I mean Unless you have a 200x400 type of screen the Ad shows up on 2 line, but indeed if you play the trick it looks huge.

Laurent Bourrelly

01/25/2006 12:36 am

Sorry I made a mistake. It's 3 lines I was talking about (missed a couple of words before the URL). Here is the Ad looking "normal". So I guess it's a test on 3 lines Ad we're talking about ? Anyway, you are right about the fact that Ads are taking more and more space... whatever the number of lines ;-)


01/25/2006 01:39 am

It´s not a test of 3 oder 4 lines AdWords-ads. It´s a test with a longer ad text. This was first noticed in the last October. More at <a href="">seobook</a>.

Barry Schwartz

01/25/2006 03:11 am

JoJo, nice find, didn't see that at SEOBook and I read it daily for the past two years. :)

Adam Bunn

01/25/2006 04:29 pm

I've been approached by G on several occasions to help test out longer ad text on behalf of my clients. I don't remember the exact lengths, but at one point one of my ads had four versions - standard 70 character, 90 character, 130 and something like 170 characters. Unfortunately, we never got to see the test results ourselves.


09/21/2006 10:49 pm

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