AdSense "Client Center" - Huh?

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A DigitalPoint Forum thread named Google Offers My Client Center For Adsense shows a screen capture of a "Client Center" for AdSense. We all know Google AdWords offers a client center but AdSense? I guess it is possible that publishers can begin hiring professional AdSense gurus to manage the ads on their properties. Hence the need for a client center.

What is weird, is that the URL in the screen capture of this page is to For me, that page returns at 404 not found error. Anyway, below is a screen capture, and click on it for the original large version.

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Clint Dixon

01/13/2006 02:00 pm

Hi Barry I posted that in the DP Forum. As I stated it is still there and I do not at this point think it is done as in past when I log in I see rows of my channels which I cannot seem to find now I have won a few national and international clients, some small some pretty large sites, for Adsense Consultations as of late... and I have a few clicks from the Adsense Recommend button. However I do not know if that has anything to do with it. I cannot see how they would know which clients I have helped .... Button clicks I doubt are related as others like jensense would have many more and been provided the log in first.

Clint Dixon

01/13/2006 02:02 pm

Also the URL is on https so it's Googles secured server it seems.

Barry Schwartz

01/13/2006 02:06 pm

Thanks for the extra information. Very helpful.

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