How Does PageRank Funnel Down These Days?

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Of course PageRank is overrated these days, but out of curiosity, how does the PageRank values distribute to other pages nowadays? A quick look at some PR values on some pages, you can quickly see it does not appear to be like it was two years ago. Shawn at DigitalPoint started a thread he named Internal Link Passes More PageRank Than External Link. In that thread he explains how he has page A, which has a PR 7, it links to page B and page C. Page B has only one link, and its from page A. Page C has many links, including one from page A. Now Page B, with only one link, from page A, has a PR 6. Page C with many links, including one from page A, has a PR 5. Does that make sense to you? Certainly, since both page B and C have a link from the same page, page A, page C (with more links) should have a higher PR then page B (with only one link, the same link page C has).

Let me quote Shawn's example:

For example: is the only page that links to

Check MSN: link: Check Yahoo link:

So with a single link, that page is PageRank 6.

Now there is also a link to the support forum:

That URL is linked to from numerous other places as well, so at the very least it should have the same PageRank I would think... right?

Check MSN: link: Check Yahoo link:

Instead, that page has a PageRank of 5.

I did not link to the pages, I don't want to kill the linkage data. :)

So what is up with PageRank these days? There are many theories in the thread. I personally do not know for sure, but I would bet the PageRank of the old works a bit differently then the PageRank of the new.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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12/28/2005 07:07 pm

On many sites have seen the trend that the PR value reduces by 1 for every level down from the home page. For example if the home page has PR 6, the next level has 5, the next one 4 and so on.


12/28/2005 07:41 pm

Barry - The link to DP is broken. Try <a href="">here</a>


12/28/2005 08:24 pm

I agree with Sam, from my observations it seems that PR is distributed this way: index: PR=X index/subfolder: PR=X-1 index/subfolder/subfolder-1: PR= X-2 and so on... then you can modify the PR of each page independently, with external links.


12/28/2005 09:33 pm

Oops - I meant the final link in your post. The first one works fine. Sorry :)


12/28/2005 10:36 pm

I found with OsCommerce, PR is all over the map. PR decrease 1 point from the home page to the catagory page. I have 3 sub catagories all with the same PR. Crazy thing is, the products page has 0 PR.

Jason Golod

12/28/2005 11:26 pm

Clearly they are doing things differently these days...or at least showing them that way. The "one page down" theory doesn't resonate with me. Check this page at PR4 and the home page at PR3. The best part is, check it out in the G directory and it looks like I should be at PR5/6 (guy above is 6, below is 5), or so, on the home page...and it has been that way for some time (pre the last toolbar "update" I believe). I do feel like I have seen a ghost every once in a while....where I will see the PR of an internal page tick up a point. I swear I have seen this a few times, when there is no real major toolbar update going on. I have seriously lost it.

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