Google Crawling URLs with Double Slashes

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A WebmasterWorld Thread reports that Google has been crawling double slashed URLs. For example, instead of crawling www.mysite/products.htm it would crawl www.mysite//products.htm. Apparently, this has been an "issue" since the summer. An other member reported this back in late November, as well. Plus there is Google Group Discussion from late October on the topic.

Update: Martin sent me an example of Google indexing double slashes. If you do a search on the "?id=" at Google, the bottom result shows you;


301ing those URLs to the standard slash, may help.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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12/20/2005 02:56 am

The OP at WebmasterWorld reports that he "went to check google to see if their pages could be accessed with the double slashes and they could, sometime over the past 4-6 weeks they have done something so that double slashes no longer work in google urls", but I don't think that's entirely correct. In early October I posted some double slashed Google URLs at Google Blogoscoped (re some speculation about their phishing or spamming potential) :- All but a couple of those URLs still work, so Google seems to be 301'ing their own servers very sparingly.


12/20/2005 03:12 am

Well, its just string processing. seed_URL = "" fetch_URL = seed_URL + "/" + there u go....

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