Poll on Should Zawodny Sell Links on Personal Blog

Dec 15, 2005 • 8:31 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Yahoo Topics

DigitalPoint forums has a thread with a poll asking Should jeremy Zawodny as a Yahoo! employee sell backlinks from his blog?

Currently the responses are scattered with no strong position either way. Of the 17 polled, currently, the answers are as follows;

No, it's a conflict of interest [3] 17.65%
I see nothing wrong with it [5] 29.41%
It's ok but doesn't shine a good light on him or Yahoo! [5] 29.41%
I really don't care one way or another [4] 23.53%

If you can get over to the thread and vote it would make for an interesting poll.

Oh, btw, funny how I place this in the Yahoo Topics category.

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Jeremy Zawodny

12/15/2005 03:37 pm

I notice you have a sponsored links list on your left sidebar. I guess we know *your* vote. :-)

Barry Schwartz

12/15/2005 03:54 pm

I am all for it.

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