Meta Keywords; To Comma or Not?

Nov 29, 2005 • 8:35 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Want to get old school today? Search Engine Watch Forums has a new thread asking one of the oldest questions out there in SEO. The thread is named META Keyword Strategies and asks;

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the strategy of not implementing commas between the keywords in the META tags:

i.e. {car accessories, auto parts, mufflers} vs. {car assecories auto parts mufflers}

Most say it doesn't make a difference but Danny Sullivan notes that the last time he spoke with Yahoo! about it, "they said to use commas."

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11/30/2005 04:10 am

meta keywords with commas are treated as Depending on the database... individual Comma delimited terms <a href=""></a> Without the comma - they are keyphrases - it is best to use both e.g. Search,engine,optimization,search engine optimization,

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