WebmasterWorld Having Network Issues

Nov 9, 2005 • 12:48 pm | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under SEO & SEM Forum News

Several people have reported to me issues with WebmasterWorld loading slowly or not loading at all. It seems to be up and down for the past couple of hours.

I'll shoot Brett an email to see if he has anything to report.

WMW, we miss you!!!

WebmasterWorld thread on this here, if you can get there.

Update from Brett Tabke;

Had some issues this morning that have to be corrected asap because of the massive - just massive load - it is now under.

All should be fine now, I am glad it was not a major issue like last time.

11/10 Update: Brett said he had to locate the source of the problem, so the downtime was due to several reboots and small crashes. He normally would have done this on the weekend, but next week is the big PubCon.

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08/27/2006 02:34 pm

me and a friend are on a wired net work and some times the net work has kicked my friend of the network as it used to do with me i have sorted it out with one of the computers and the only thing i did was unisored the network bridge what is in network connetions hope this tip helps every one else out my reggards from stuart

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