The SEO Consultant Dress Code

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What should an SEO consultant wear daily? That is the question posted by randfish at a Search Engine Watch Forum thread he named Dress Codes in SEO. He asks specifically;

In the SEO Business, what do you believe are the dress codes for:

1. Going in to the office? 2. Meeting with a new client? 3. Speaking at a conference/event?

For me, even though I am not an "SEO", its always nice pants and nice button down shirt. Randfish says he goes casual for all but a meeting (2). For meetings, he wears a suit and possibly a tie.

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11/08/2005 08:46 pm

I guess it depends on your clients. Suit and tie might not make a tatoo shop web site client comfortable. Know your clients and co-workers.

Robert the SEO Expert

05/01/2006 06:12 pm

My SEO Dress Code is as follows: 1. Each weekday I am usually working in my underwear until I am adequatly caffienated. 2. Meetings : Tastefully Casual, Always Clean 3. Speaking Engagements : Same as #2 but add a tie. I haven't worn a suit in 5 years and no one seems to mind. The moths are happy though as last month I looked at my old fancy suits and noticed something has been eating them. The rule of thumb for me is to be comfortable in the way I choose to dress. That way I am not self conscious and I perform better; kind of the way I optimize Web pages, that is, be NATURAL. Robert

Jose Nunez SEO Consultant

04/06/2007 05:24 am

To the originaal questions: 1. Going in to the office? 2. Meeting with a new client? 3. Speaking at a conference/event?" My "natural" answers: 1. Home office in my case, so Casual. 2. Suit and tie. Professional, always. 3. It depends on the nature of the conference/event.

SEO Chester

07/13/2011 04:38 pm

Depends exactly where you may be SEOing from really, the obvious one is for a meeting shirt and trousers are a must.

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