MSN Adcenter Account Creation Hack Discovered

Oct 19, 2005 • 2:10 pm | comments (33) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Microsoft Bing Ads (formerly adCenter)

Thought this was pretty clever from Marketing Shift. Apparently you can bypass some of MSN's protocals for registering by going through the MSN Singapore Interface to register for a new account with MSN Adcenter. This will only get your ads displayed in France and Singapore but you can still get in. Many people are speculating that MSN is planning to release the Adcenter very soon, like it was supposed to be yesterday but now its going to be next month sometime. Currently they are only beta testing in the US at this point, but you can still apply for a beta testing position below.

One of the MSN Adcenter engineers replied to Jason Dowdell's thread and posted a url here you can sign up to beta test the adCenter. New screenshots have surfaced as well which you can view here.

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