Content Thieves Take AdSense Code in Package

Oct 16, 2005 • 8:31 pm | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

Stolen content is a major issue, with RSS and people creating scripts to pull your content and dynamically publish it to blogs, the amount of splogs (blogs with stolen content) is incredible. But this is the funniest report of stolen content I have seen in a while. A WebmasterWorld thread reports that someone stole an individual's content and was too lazy to remove the Google AdSense code during the process.

The content owner contacted AdSense about this because he/she was afraid that there would be fraudulent clicks on the ads. And those fraudulent clicks would ban his AdSense account.

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10/18/2005 08:47 pm

This is actually the first I've heard of "splogs"... When did this term originate?


10/18/2005 08:58 pm

Months ago I had a musician steal one of my templates. It was a breathtakingly incompetent job. Likewise they included my AdSense code. Why they took my template and not some talented designers baffled me.

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