Yahoo! 360 - Virtual Porn Ring Target?

Sep 18, 2005 • 9:55 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Yahoo Topics

Before accepting invitations within Yahoo! 360 I try to do my background checking. For some reason, this one slipped through. I received an invite from "CARAMEL_KISSES", her named sparked some investigative work, so I checked our her profile page but it looked fairly clean. So I decided to hit that "accept" invitation button. Then when viewing my home page, where it syndicates all the new items for my connected friends, I saw some porn news feeds coming in. So I immediately removed CARAMEL_KISSES from my friends list.

You won't see those feeds on her profile page, unless you are a connected friend (I assume). I forgot to take screen shots of the feeds, so I have no evidence now. But trust me, the URL of the feeds was from world-se* (put a * there so a stop filter wouldn't trigger on the ads). I have also reported her to Yahoo! 360, just now. Nice spam tactic, if that was what was intended.

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09/19/2005 07:12 pm

What's wrong with adult content on 360, Barry? Or was it just the spam you were upset with?

Barry Schwartz

09/19/2005 07:21 pm

When I clicked over to read one of the feeds, the images on the site was something I don't think some parents would want their kids to see. Maybe its just me, I am a bit conservative. Point is, CARAMEL_KISSES can send an invite to you, me, a child, etc. and then this content is available to them.

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