Link Function at Yahoo! Allows for Other Operators

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Ever want a way to quickly check all your .edu backlinks, or backlinks from a specific site? Yahoo! now allows you to do so with the linkdomain command. It is simple, just use the follow syntax inurl:edu to check all your backlinks from .edu sites or to find all the backlinks from this site to And an other useful feature, is to use the allinanchor to find out who is linking to you with particular keywords, for example allinanchor:blog (doesn't seem to support allinachor after a second look). Outstanding!

I am pretty sure this is new, as is Shawn, who discovered it and posted a thread about this at DigitalPoint Forums. He named the thread Yahoo Allowing Operators With Link Functions. I believe Yahoo! upgraded the command to facilitate the up and coming, Yahoo! Site Explorer product, like they recently did last week with making the link command more accurate. I have not received an official response from Yahoo! about this change, as of yet.

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09/06/2005 10:35 pm

Barry - My tools have been advanced queries like this at Yahoo! for over a year - I think they're relatively old. Along with inurl:, you can also use site: - which can be handy for measuring internal linking and terms themselves, so you can see pages on specific topics linking to a site or page.

Barry Schwartz

09/06/2005 11:01 pm

So not new. :) Thanks for letting us know.

Jon Payne

09/07/2005 06:02 pm

I've been using "" for about a year to help get link counts and weed out the occasional site-wide link that will skew the aggregate numbers. I've even added three and for "-site:" commands onto the end and it seems to be quite handy.


09/07/2005 07:29 pm

ahh another day another insight to yahoo hacking.. ;p

Chris B

09/08/2005 08:53 pm

yes to Jon Payne the Ephricon master and my PBS partner...that command also works using the domain in question to omit internal links... <>. Thanks Rusty for the great info about some of the other "hacks," as I think they are called.

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