Support Thread: SEO Book Served Civil Lawsuit

Aug 29, 2005 • 8:38 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Legal Issues in Search

Aaron Wall from SEO Book wrote last Friday, NOTICE! YOU HAVE BEEN SUED. He has been going back and forth with Traffic Power, an SEO company with many faces, about how he wrote about what Traffic Power has been doing with its SEO clients. Many in the industry are not happy with Traffic Power's tactics and many have voiced it. As many of you know, we try to stay away from political topics here, so I have not been discussing the topic here. And to be honest, if I did and TP threatened me with a law suit, I would pull it. For me, it is not worth the money, time and stress to get involved in a lawsuit based on principle.

I commend Aaron for keeping up the content, many, in Aaron's position, pulled the content. There are many showing Aaron support by participating in Search Engine Watch Forum Thread, Traffic Power Files Suit Against SEO Book.

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10/24/2009 10:01 am

I purchased this eBook about 3 – 4 months back and am VERY happy with the results. Search engine traffic has gone way higher then it was before by following a few simple steps. The $79 or what ever it cost me at the time has been paid back a number of times over. This is the first eBook I have purchased and I do feel that $79 is money very well spent!

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