Find Us by "Googling Us" in Radio Ad

Aug 26, 2005 • 9:39 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google News & Finances

In the WebmasterWorld supports forum (to click on the link you need to pay) there is a thread named Radio Advertisement: (Just Google "keywords") where Shak (very nice guy) tells us about a radio commercial he heard.

Basically, you know when you hear a radio commercial and they say; call us at 800-###-#### or visit our web site at Well, this time, Shak reports that the commercial ended with the phrase; "Just Google us for: "Keyword Keyword"."

This is very similar to visit us by "AOL Keyword _____" which we all heard before, but the big difference is that AOL Keyword was/is guaranteed, but not necessarily the Google keyword (paid or not paid). Bold move, nevertheless, and I wonder if this will continue (I bet it will).

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Lee Odden

08/26/2005 03:02 pm

Interesting that you point this out Barry. I've been telling potential clients to Google my name more often than look at my web site lately. It can be more effective at building credibility since the information comes from different sources. This assumes of course, that all the first page results are good things :)

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