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Aug 3, 2005 • 8:24 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

Looks like MSN Search has come up with a clean start page for its search, somewhat like Firefox has done with Google.

In a WebmasterWorld thread, the thread starter lists out the 'official' (is it?) start page at A few posts down, someone else tries out, and

Senior Member, MarketingGuy at WebmasterWorld says:

/1 and /2 were earlier versions. They released /3 with a sort of competition thing (using MSN search I seem to recall, but I could be wrong) - each correct answer revealed a part of the new URL (was kinda cool! :)). Wouldnt be surprised to find that this was a small project - seem to be toying with different ideas, etc.

DigitalPoint Forum members feel the start page is more Google-like.

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Nathan Weinberg

08/03/2005 01:42 pm

Actually, is not a search page, although its AJAX-based search results are just plain great. To see what it really does, click the word "Start". Yup, its an RSS aggregator. Just to note, is an unofficial incubation project, that may never be an official release. Its just a few guys at Microsoft doing something really exciting.

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