SEO Roadshow Coming Edinburgh

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Last year the SEO Roadshow was a huge success. It is not about the money for this SEO get-together, its about meeting people face to face and learning and having fun. I believe SEO Roadshow is invite only, as well. It is known as the "black tie event of SEO."

There is an SEO Roadshow blog at with all the details.

Date/Time/Location: Sat Sept 10th 2005, The George Hotel, Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, I can't make these weekend trips. I would love to, but it is just not possible.

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

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Steve Lalli

09/02/2005 03:44 pm

“Summit on Search Engine Accountability” will take place September 9 in Edinburgh, Scotland. This private, by invitation only, gathering of leading search engine CEOs is on the heels, but unrelated to, the international SEO Roadshow, Sept. 10 in Edinburgh. An estimated 10 of the leading search engine marketers, most from the U.S., British Isles and Europe, will attend the event hosted by Robert Massa of Search King, Inc. Massa has invited the search engine CEOs for dinner and formal consortium on the future of the search engine marketing industry. Among those attending are Barry Lloyd of Make Me Top web marketing and Mikkel Svendsen of Denmark. “There is a trend for webmasters to create content with the sole purpose of pleasing the larger search engines,” he said. “A common misconception is that Google, Yahoo and MSN dictate the web search trends. That is not the case. The current and emerging technology empowers entrepreneurs and smaller search companies allowing them to compete in the international market.”

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