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I will be interviewing a potential PHP developer this afternoon (see top of the index page) who was born in Russia. During my WebmasterWorld travels, I found a new thread named SE popularity in Russia. The thread creator, Blackie, who claims to have "actual SE use by different people in Russia." The results he posted include:

Yandex - 49,46% Rambler - 22,27% Google - 12,38% Mail.ru - 5,12% Aport - 2,29%

I'll update this entry later after speaking with the person I am interviewing. Of course, it will be his opinion.

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Barry Schwartz

07/13/2005 02:29 pm

Confirmed, he person I interviewed said he feels these figures are about right.

Alexandr Sergeyev

07/14/2005 12:43 am

It's almost true but mostly last months Google is more and more popular that those digits but probably is third anyway. Let's look here: LAST MONTH: http://gs.spylog.ru/r/?reportId=7&categoryId=1 JULY ONLY (Google is in second position!): http://gs.spylog.ru/r/?dayFrom=1&monthFrom=7&yearFrom=2005&dayFor=14&monthFor=7&yearFor=2005&visitors=on&x=26&y=24&order=visitors&desc=1&inner=0&reportId=7&categoryId=1&representationType=table Also I think that mail.ru search is actually google-driven. (http://go.mail.ru/search) But I can be wrong...

Nick Wilsdon

08/10/2005 06:20 pm

Hi Barry, LiveInternet is also a very useful source of SE usage figures in Russia: http://www.liveinternet.ru/stat/ru/searches.html Google is very much third though here with Yandex leading the way.


03/29/2006 08:15 pm

All above measure clicks from search angines to sites - numbers for google are higher - Yandex and Rambler are used by Russian people mostly and google images are used all over the world - people not in russia will not read resource in russian. More accurate: Yandex: 60% Rambler: 21% Google: 8% http://www.liveinternet.ru/stat/ru/searches.html?slice=ru

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