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May 25, 2005 • 9:10 am | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Blog Administration

The AdSense RSS Ads I have been beta testing for Google have been live for less then two days now. It seems to be really annoying some of the readers here - as Cre8asite Forums points out. Trust me, it is not permanent. My first priority is to bring you the latest from inside of the SEO world, and if I can make some money on the side that is great, if not, then I wont put the ads up.

So let me ask you what you want to see or not see. Here are the options and please, please comment or email me at barry AT with your feedback.

(1) Convert the abridged versions of the RSS feeds to full entry feeds and keep Google Ads in them. (2) Remove ads from abridged versions of the RSS feeds and just put them in a full entry feed, for those who want it.

I think those are the two options that seem fair. But you're the reader, so you tell me.

Do you want the full entries in the feed and if so, would you mind if there is an ad at the bottom of each of those entries? Hopefully, they will be targeted and hopefully I will be able to change the colors to make them less distracting. Or do you prefer the clean abridged versions of the RSS feeds? Or something else?

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05/25/2005 02:50 pm

full feed please! I don't mind the ads in a full feed. Actually I LIKE targeted ads. However, right now in your summary feed the ads take up a third of the space. I definately don't like that.

Michael Nguyen

05/25/2005 02:54 pm

I'd say number #2. That way readers can choose.

Barry Schwartz

05/25/2005 03:04 pm

Ok, done.


05/25/2005 03:33 pm

I would like to see the full text of the posting, I usually skim through the postings and if the entire posting is not in the feed, I won't go to the site to read the rest. Seeing the targeted ads doesn't bother me, so long that it's not obtrusive.


05/25/2005 03:46 pm

and what's about number 3 - no ads?

Milan Kryl

05/25/2005 04:03 pm

I prefer ads only for full entry feeds. In abridged version it's very disturbing. In other way, you can make money on AdWords after visiting page from abridged rss feed. ;)


05/25/2005 04:18 pm

Can you remove the border from the ads. That would make it less distracting.

Barry Schwartz

05/25/2005 04:21 pm

PC, the ads are gone now from the normal feeds. They are now in the full feed. I can not remove the border yet. I assume that they will offer ways to customize the ads, like they do with normal adsense. When they do that, I will make them less obtrusive.

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